How to Become CEO: The Rules for Rising to the Top of Any Organization Издательство: Hyperion, 1998 г Суперобложка, 192 стр ISBN 0786864370 инфо 3430v.

How does one become a CEO? Many people know they want to climb the corporate ladder, but don't have a clue about how to ascend that ladder without losing their grip In this insightful, controversial program, вгплбJeffrey JFox offers solid, practical advice and recommendations on how to fulfill your ambition to better yourself, to be a contributor, to make a difference, to grow professionally, and to be more successful The seventy-five "rules" that Mr Fox - founderворыи of a marketing and consulting firm and an MBA graduate of Harvard Business School - outlines are actions you must take, traits you must develop and things you must avoid in order to succeed Mr Fox's short and simple one-lesson-per-topic approach is an intelligent and straightforward method of business instruction This guide sets forth the qualities that every successful leader must have: vision, persistence, integrity, and respect for superiors, subordinated, and peers Whether yвтсоаou want to become president or CEO of a corporation, buy a business, start a business, run your own business, or have a long and fruitful career in a large corporation, How to Become CEO will give you the power to control your own business destiny Автор Джеффри Дж Фокс Jeffrey J Fox Джеффри Дж Фокс - основатель и руководитель Fox & Co, , консалтинговой компании, специализирующейся на стратегическом маркетинге До того как основать собственную фирму, он занимал высокие позиции в ряде крупных компаний - был вице-президентом и .